Cappadocia Casino Game Review

Cappadocia is a modern and cheerful interactive casino game that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. We are confident that any nature lover will appreciate the colourful hot-air balloons, somber graphics and delicate sound.

Below the game’s colourful surface, the Cappadocia casino game is just like any other casino game. A slot game with a random-number generator (RNG), which ensures the random outcome of the game round. Above the surface, Cappadocia looks nothing like a traditional slot game.

In this innovative casino game, you bet on how high different colourful hot-air balloons can rise upwards into the skies.

This new casino game draws inspiration from Cappadocia in Turkey, a region that is famous for its hilly and mountainous terrain and the popular activity of hot-air ballooning. A quick Google search of “Cappadocia” will return beautiful photos of the Cappadocia landscape, city, and the sky blurted out by colourful balloons. A scenery the Cappadocia casino game has managed to replicate well.

Cappadocia Gameplay

In this adventurous modern slot game, players bet on how high the hot-air balloons will rise up in the skies before the air goes out.

Cappadocia is a multiplayer casino game that was released recently. Very few casinos have this game available. At the moment, there are not many sites offering this game as it is still hot and new, but you can try it out in CasinoExtra, a fully licensed and regulated online casino operator in Canada.

More than one casino players can play at the same time in the same game rounds. Each player can place a bet on different balloons and watch other player’s balloons soar against the sky before collapsing.

You can bet between $0.10 and up to $600 per game round—the colour of the balloons changes depending on the size of the bets. Game rounds are started when the player presses the “GO”-button and the balloon begins to rise. As the hot-air balloon rises higher, the game-win counter goes higher. At any point, you can cash out your win amount. The longer you wait, the more you can win, but at any moment, the balloon may collapse, and you lose your bet and the pending win amount. So, the point of the Cappadocia casino game is simply to cash out your bet before the hot-air balloon collapses. If the balloon crashes, you lose.

Do you have the courage to wait for the win counter to go higher and higher for a high win, or will you cash out early without reaching high up in the skies?

Cappadocia Casino Game – The Verdict

Cappadocia is an excellent addition to any online casino’s game library. The multiplayer and interactive aspects of the game make it truly unique and a great gaming experience. It is a welcome change for seasoned slot players who want some variation. The perceived sense of control of when to cash out is exciting. You know that if you just wait 3 seconds longer, you will win more money.